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going through the cd archives here at the compound and one caught my eye I haven't listened to in a long time, though it will never make you forget the classic stuff, the Eyes of Alice Cooper is a real good album. He had a few in the early 2000's with Brutal Planet ,Dragon town, and dirty diamonds, not until "Along came a spider"  he started to lose steam.

I forgot how enjoyable of a listen this Cooper album was and totally forgot about this song that just makes me chuckle every time I hear it

Godless Fur Trapper:
I just bought the documentary "Super Duper Alice Cooper".  Pretty good, from the same bunch of folks who did the Rush doc a few years back and the Maiden tour doc.   It covers the early days, and ends in 86 after he's finally cleaned himself up.  He quit drinking, but then discovered cocaine for awhile.   Anyway, yeah, Alice fucking Cooper.

Godless Fur Trapper:
Also, anyone on Netflix should see Super Mensch.  It's a doc about the longtime manager and friend of Alice Cooper, Shep Gordan.  Really interesting, with loads of AC stuff.


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