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Welcome to 1978 / Sound City
« on: February 13, 2014, 03:13:44 PM »
Wow, caught this on Palladia channel last weekend...  way cool flick!  And been digg'n the soundtrack this week.  That Grohl dude is living the rock n roll dream.  There I said it.

Welcome to 1978 / Canadian Bacon
« on: January 31, 2014, 03:27:06 PM »

Had not heard this December 10, 1977 Hollywood, Florida Rush recording until today... damn fine one!

Welcome to 1978 / ARRMO quality hangout
« on: January 29, 2014, 05:12:02 PM »

Before you pull into what looks like an abandoned hotel, make sure to adjust your skinny tie, pull your shades down, and blast "Miserlou" de Dick Dale.

It's not closed, that one car there, that may be the entirety of the people in the area, I don't know what that one car is doing because they're not in Smeraldo's.

Before you open the door, try to purge the memory of the Brady Bunch house from your mind, take a deep breath, and let the acid hit as you walk through the door to the Beatle's "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".

There's no reason to turn right and walk into the carpeted dining area that exists 3 steps up and to the right, you want to start your descent into madness immediately.

Go down the stairs, turn left into a world that never existed. You'll probably see a very short looking man behind what appears to be a midget bar... your experience may vary depending on what you did before you came here. Don't let your eyes fool you, he's probably about 6 feet tall and standing in a pit that is behind the bar.

I got the feeling Smeraldo's was built sometime in the 1200s, and has been carpeted and tiled repeatedly which has caused the main floor to raise about 4 feet. That or a bar for very short people was built and the bartenders managed to walk a trench throughout the place.

Was there carpet on the wall? I don't remember. I was reminded of sets from the tv series The Prisoner.

Our party ordered, the food arrived in a reasonable time. I'm told everyone's food was pretty good, mine was acceptable, but I'm a crazy vegetarian so perhaps I expect weird things. I wasn't meh enough to dislike the food, but I did dislike the veggie food for the price.

There's a jukebox in back... there's also enough room between the bar and the jukebox to fit about 300 people... as I was walking back I noticed how freaking large the place was. There was nobody there but our party. The jukebox is worth it just for a trip down memory lane... memories of a time that never happened.

Went to the bathroom, extremely clean when I was there, perhaps because it's barely used? There was a large-ish trashcan on the sink. Not the kind you would expect. Go there, you'll understand, this trashcan was yet another anachronism that merited attention.

I liked the waiter/cook and the bartender.

About 30 minutes after the party had eaten and the drinking was about to be done, we all noticed the huge "NO CREDIT CARDS" sign. Oh crap, things were about to get real... I imagined that perhaps they would force us to work the bar for eternity in some sort of pretty decent food bar limbo... there were bars on all the bar's windows. If you're a fan of Shaun of the Dead, this was a defensible Zombie bar. I would go here during the Zompacolypse.

Oh yeah, on to that no credit cards thing. Bring cash if you're just going to drink - they will nicely run cards for larger orders, but it costs them too much to process the cards if you drop in for just a beer or 3.

I wanted to take pictures of the place, but everything I took turned out like a 1970's polaroid. The only thing I have from that night is memories of comments about the various interesting oddities. The memories of a fun time, nice people who worked there, and ok food (I think the meat eaters at the table loved the place)

It's time to go, you notice there's a stage way off in the back. No time for that now, prop your way-too-dark sunglasses on your nose and walk back up the stairs paying attention to all the random years represented, pop some Pink Floyd song in on your mental soundtrack as you exit back to the parking lot.

As for the parking lot, it looks like a parking lot you would lure the hero of some bad western movie and attempt to kill him (quite unsuccessfully) with gunslingers, snipers, archers, ninjas, and eventually small mutants.

In short, this place is amazing. I am so happy it exists.

Welcome to 1978 / Useless Pink Floyd Information
« on: January 27, 2014, 04:36:33 PM »
Something I didn't know and perhaps wish I didn't....


format: NTSC
ratio : 4:3
video : 6000kbps
audio : Linear PCM 48kHz
sub-titles : English / French

Details and historical background [1]:

Pink Floyd's flirtation with the cultural establishment
culminated in the autumn of 1970 with French choreographer
Roland Petit's proposed ballet, based on Marcel Proust's
Remembrance of Things Past and featuring Rudolf Nureyev
plus sixty other dancers, which was to have incorporated
Floyd compositions performed by the band and a 108 piece
orchestra. "Pretty amazing!", Gilmour gushed to Melody
Maker. "Something nobody in our field has ever done ..."
"Freakier and freakier," announced Rolling Stone. "Pink
Floyd is now into ballet ...".

Prior to their lunch in Paris on 4 December with Petit,
Nureyev, and Roman Polanski (who hoped to direct a film of
the ballet), the Floyd dutifully attempted to familiarize
themselves with Proust's eight-volume classic. All found
it slow-going, especially Dave, who gave up after eighteen
pages. Only Roger managed to struggle past the first book.

By the time Waters, Mason, and Steve O'Rourke got to Paris,
however, Petit had decided to set aside Proust in favour of
The Arabian Nights. "Everyone just sat there drinking this
wine and getting more and more drunk," Roger recalled,
"with more and more poovery going on around the table,
until someone suggested Frankenstein and Nureyev started
getting a bit worried... I was just sitting there enjoying
the meat and the vibes, saying nothing... And when Polanski
was drunk enough he started to suggest we make the blue
movie to end all blue movies, and then it all petered out
into cognac and coffee and we jumped into our cars and
split. God knows what happened after we left !".

Over two years later, Roland Petit finally would choreograph
a Pink Floyd ballet, but without Nureyev, Polanski, or the
108-piece orchestra. A set of five live shows was performed
in Marseille (November 22-26, 1972), that did not form part
of the scheduled European winter tour.

The programme was divided in three sections :
- Allumez les etoiles
- La rose malade
- The Pink Floyd ballet, in four movements based on:
One of these days
Careful with that axe, Eugene
Obscured by clouds / When you're in

There was eventually a serie of eight performances set in
Paris between January 13rd and February 2nd (two shows per
day) but the band didn't play live each time (a tape was
used when the band didn't play).

The original ballets have never been fully filmed, so this
DVD presents a 1977 studio rendition. While the band wasn't
playing on this occasion we have here a rare opportunity to
see what the ballet was actually.

However, as the ballet was one of the very first "melange
des genres" attempt to cross pop music and classical dance,
there has been some news reports with live sequences. These
snippets (and more) are available for the very first time
on this DVD.

This DVD was received from an anonymous fan without any info
about the lineage. However this is by far the best quality
we've been able to get for this ballet filmed in TV studios.
Colours are superb and there are 2 audio tracks available:
an amazing stereo remastered soundtrack and the original
mono TV soundtrack. The tracklist is:
1. One Of These Days
2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
3. Obscured By Clouds
4. When You're In
5. Echoes

There are also very interesting bonus snippets, showing the
Floyd rehearsing OOTD with the dancers, and some other
snippets taken from rehearsals and live performances with
the Floyd and the Ballet of Marseille. Apart from a short
extract of CWTAE, this footage never surfaced previously!

There are even more bonus with extremely rare documents
related to the Ballet and Roland Petit.

Last but not least, the DVD includes English and French

[1] text sources:
"A Saucerful Of Secrets - The Pink Floyd Odyssey"
by Nicholas Schaffner
"In The Flesh" by Ian Russel & Grenn Povey

Welcome to 1978 / A Friend of a Friend
« on: January 24, 2014, 01:14:58 PM »

Just when I thought I was getting burnt out on grabbing torrents... this thing shows up on

Holy shit!.... best thing to hit the trading world since the Asbury '75 Sabbath recording.. IMO.

Closest thing to a new classic Floyd album as we'll ever get.


Pink Floyd
The Extraction Tapes, Vol. 1
Britannia Row Studios – June, 1976

1.   Pigs On The Wing Parts 1&2 (Extended Version)
2.   Dogs
3.   Raving and Drooling
4.   Pigs (Three Different Ones)
5.   Blues (Montreal July 6th 1977)
6.   Message From The Sheep (Field Recording)

Welcome to 1978 / Alex only...
« on: January 20, 2014, 04:38:01 PM »
Some dude shared a recording of a '92 Rush show that is apparently Alex's feed only.  The guitar sound is clean so it must be between his guitar and pedal board.  I guess in '92 that was an FM transmission and someone tuned in and captured it.  It's a very interesting listen from a guitar player perspective.

Title: Rush - Scanning a New Perspective St. Louis , MO - June 12,1992 (reseed)
Size: 466.86 MB
Category: Progressive Rock
Uploaded by: digitalman

Info hash: 36f647e4924c313f47f01f534f5953add0014557


Artist - Rush

Name – Scanning a New Perspective 

Media: 2 CDr (1 CDr SHN)   

Catalog: SMP-70   

Source: FM Scanner   

Quality: 9   

Date: June12, 1992 

Location: St Louis, MO 

Production Notes   

First of all, do not adjust your stereo.  This is a scanner of Alex's guitar only.  Occasionally a small amount of bleed through will occur and you might catch a hint of another instrument or perhaps some of the prerecorded tracks but 99.99% of this is guitar only.  Listening to this recording it gave me a new "perspective" of Alex's playing thus the name.  From a production standpoint, it was sort of odd to do.  For example there are stretches were Alex may not play for several minutes (during the "Hello St Louis" section for example). This mostly happens between songs but not always.  What I tried to do was cut out the "dead air" but leave in at least 3 seconds or so between songs.  What I did not do was cut out this dead air during a song, for example Closer to the Heart has about 23 seconds of dead air in the middle of it.  That stayed.  It's mostly complete but we are missing part of Force Ten and a bit of Superconductor. Even though there is the occasional static this i
 s perhaps the best sounding scanner of Alex only currently available. Enjoy!
Thanks goes out to Neph for the artwork.  How he finds the time only he knows! 

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! Released November 2005 on The Alien Shore -  As is the Simple Man norm, this show will be traded freely to all comers.



Track Listing

Disc #1 

Force Ten (cut in) .46 

Limelight 4.25   

Freewill 4.08 

Distant Early Warning 4.18 

Time Stand Still 5.20 

Dreamline 5.04 

Bravado 6.27 

Roll the Bones 6.07 

Show Don’t Tell 5.06 

The Big Money 6.02 

Ghost of a Chance 5.39 

Vital Signs 4.50 

The Analog Kid 5.14 

Disc #2
The Trees 5.58 

Where's My Thing? 5.00 

Closer to the Heart 5.54   

Xanadu 6.47   

Superconductor 2.23   

Tom Sawyer 5.03   

The Spirit of Radio 5.01     

2112: Overture 4.26   

Finding My Way 1.03   

La Villa Strangiato 3.15   

Anthem 1.43 

Red Barchetta 1.35 

The Spirit of Radio .55 

Cygnus X-1 .21   


You can use the URL below to download the torrent (you may have to login).

Take care!

Welcome to 1978 / ARMO
« on: September 12, 2013, 01:54:55 PM »
So my 9 year old daughter did this and gave it to me last night.  She has no idea what ARRMO is...

Welcome to 1978 / Cracks me up
« on: August 28, 2013, 05:25:35 PM »
Every time I see it...

Welcome to 1978 / TAP
« on: August 15, 2013, 09:40:02 AM »
What's up?

Welcome to 1978 / Spinoff I'd like to see..
« on: August 14, 2013, 05:34:13 PM »

Welcome to 1978 / Kids' room...
« on: July 25, 2013, 11:29:27 AM »

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