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Welcome to 1978 / Re: Beware Mr. Baker
« on: April 30, 2015, 07:01:14 PM »
His drumming ability overshadows his one truly unique talent ---- making people universally despise him. 

You can't teach that.

Now I know you're just a simple small town pizza lawyer........ but maybe you can make this happen, create a super group called "Douche"..... Ginger Baker Drums, Ying-Yang Malmsteen guitars, Axl Rose Singer and the bass player guy from Manowar. I would imagine you'd have to book all outdoor venues as there is no room in world that could contain all those egos.

now pick up that phone and get busy!!!! this could be the tour of the century!!!! 

Welcome to 1978 / The Coop
« on: March 02, 2015, 05:14:14 PM »
going through the cd archives here at the compound and one caught my eye I haven't listened to in a long time, though it will never make you forget the classic stuff, the Eyes of Alice Cooper is a real good album. He had a few in the early 2000's with Brutal Planet ,Dragon town, and dirty diamonds, not until "Along came a spider"  he started to lose steam.

I forgot how enjoyable of a listen this Cooper album was and totally forgot about this song that just makes me chuckle every time I hear it

Welcome to 1978 / Re: New AC/DC
« on: December 20, 2014, 07:20:52 PM »

it's nice that you take them movin' pictures at your family get togethers......

Welcome to 1978 / Re: New AC/DC
« on: December 15, 2014, 07:35:37 PM »

Welcome to 1978 / Re: Supe, what's the call here?
« on: December 09, 2014, 12:32:11 PM »
Some of the Lizzy peel sessions {later on} have been the subject of controversy, did they perform live or play album tracks
I have this peel session
John Peel Show

Recorded: 23rd September 1976 - Broadcast: 11th October 1976

Studio: Maida Vale 4
Don't Believe A Word
Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed
Fools Gold

now while DBAW and Johnny sound live both FG and JTFMJTW sound like the album tracks

I was able to dig up this nugget of info on Peel sessions


"It has also become apparent, that on occasion, album tracks or backing tracks were used to supplement BBC Sessions.

At the time the sessions would have been intended as one-offs, with no thought given to them being re-broadcast in the future.

It is likely this happened with the following:


Sounds Of The Seventies - Recorded: 29th August 1973 - Broadcast: 17th September 1973

Little Girl In Bloom

The Rocker


John Peel Show - Recorded: 23rd September 1976 - Broadcast: 11th October 1976

Fools Gold

Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed


John Peel Show - Recorded: 1st August 1977 - Broadcast: 22nd August 1977

Bad Reputation Session - Backing Tracks used

now this makes sense to me as I have the '73 peel session and both those tunes{musically} sound like the studio versions  and in those early days Eric Bell always played a variation of the albums especially on "the Rocker".


Welcome to 1978 / Re: Mob Rules vs. Born Again
« on: May 19, 2014, 06:37:49 PM »
I think all that humidity down there has pruned your brain, I do agree with the summation of Iommi's freaked out guitar tone and his, what seems like, heavily  cocaine fueled solos, but really it's just a building on what he did on MR, Iommi shreds MR to pieces. As far as Vinne the Ham Fisted wonder, his high water marks for drumming were MR and Holy Diver, now this is not to say he even comes close to Mr.Ward, but he does a great job. I think as an album opener Turn Up the Night sleighs Trashed hands down. Voodoo is a great riff with a great solo, the rest of the album is just a skull buster, Falling off the Edge.... IMO is one of the best vocal tracks Dio ever set to tape. if MR has one weak link it's Slippin Away, I like the song but it always seemed out of place on that album.The outro solo on Over and Over is freakin mind blowing.

I love Born Again, I was on board with that album when it came out and played the grooves off the album and wore out many a cassette copy. But for me while I like Iommi's playing, hell I even liked the original production, but really that album has 4 great songs , Trashed, Zero the Hero, Born Again and Disturbing the Priest{ this tune is in my top ten all time faves} while the playing on tracks like Ditigal Bitch, Hotline, Keep it warm are great I think those riffs were a bit "pedestrian" from the likes of Mr. Iommi,  MR is the stronger album and IMO has stood the test of time better than BA, when really it's apples to apples in the long run as both albums are their own beasts.

So in a perfect world here's what I'd like to see, We had a cap on the Dio era{ well, with his passing} with the Devil you Know, an album I was luke warm to for a while but the first 8 tracks on that album are monstrous,  with stand outs being Fear, Bible Black, Atom & Evil and one of the heaviest guitar Riffs and best tracks that era ever produced Follow the Tears. I think a worthy end to that line up after the disastrous Dehumanizer album.  We got "13" an album I truly dig and was very surprised and impressed with it's quality, even the "extra" tracks were all really good. So to really put the corner stone in a brilliant career they should reunite the BA line up and record a new album... when that happens all the players should get together and burn all the Master Tapes from the Martin era  and really end things on a great note.... ya.... in a perfect world..........     

Welcome to 1978 / Re: Talk About A Good Run
« on: April 16, 2014, 08:34:48 PM »
although the talk now is Mal is taking a break and they still ,at this point, intend to record an album. but the tour is off. I too really dug the shit out of Black Ice, it was so good that I still grab that sucker every now again and throw it in the player and go "Oh ya this shit rocks"

I've seen the boys many many times, but like GFT, the last time I think was in '88 or maybe '91. The last time they rolled through here wanted to see them but Tix were high dollar, 150 bucks for the seats that require a Sherpa guide and a bottle of oxygen and you have to strap a light on your head so planes don't hit you. I'll keep the memories of the good ole concerts in my brain

Welcome to 1978 / Re: MOXY
« on: February 07, 2014, 01:07:43 PM »
I've heard the band name Moxy through out the years at various times never heard the band.

Secondly, weather your down with the Renoe or not his red leather pants are to Geoff Tate's Leather shorts...welll..... let me quote the great Ian Gillian

" The Devil and the Priest cant exist if one goes away"

Welcome to 1978 / Re: Another Floyd thread
« on: February 06, 2014, 09:16:19 PM »
got my hands on a Floyd boot, 4-26-75 Los Angeles, a tape made by a guy named Millard, HOLY SHIT!!!! this thing is pristine sound wise, cant believe it's a aud recording, for sure a must have for the floyd live experience, the band was on this night and Gilmour is tearing the shit out of his fret board!!! great versions of Any Colour you like as well as the SOYCD material., also the best sounding version of Raving/Drooling and Gotta be Crazy I've heard so far.

do yourself a favor pick this one up, if you cant find it I'll glady offer it up

Welcome to 1978 / Review: New albums by HK and GFT
« on: February 02, 2014, 04:14:12 PM »
This reviewer thinks that Krawdad  played it safe and stuck to his roots,while he manged to pump out a nice collection of Banjo works overall could've used more cowbell, while riding the rails of the good ole nose whiskey one cant help but appreciate the smoove disco stylings of Gary who was really getting down to business, makes me want to lace up my skates, grab the satin jacket and head down to the local rink for some roller boogie fun!!!

Welcome to 1978 / Re: More Like A Sleepy Meal
« on: February 01, 2014, 01:37:26 AM »
I'd bet my last money that the heroin has more nutritional content than the meal itself

Welcome to 1978 / Re: Canadian Bacon
« on: February 01, 2014, 01:36:23 AM »
date escapes me at the moment, but if you don't already have, a '77 show from Washington DC { I think} I remember being great performance and nice sound

Welcome to 1978 / Re: Sabbath Montreux '70
« on: January 31, 2014, 02:13:00 PM »
Thanx for the info, but maybe just maybe these guys are over thinking this?  I don't disagree with their detective work, They seem locked into that spring/summer tour. I did see on Siglers site they played Montreux in April 1970, I guess if you look at it  from a simplistic angle, The Paranoid album was released { of all the references i could find} Sept 18 1970,{ so 8-31 date was after the recording session was done} so that one would guess that the actual recording, {according to Geezer took 3 weeks to complete} would've taken place sometime in June or July on '70, with the bulk of the time after that for post production on the album, mixing artwork etc...
     I read a book, a few yrs back, about all of Sabbath recording sessions, { went album by album}  though I dont have the book in front of me I remember from stories in the book, that in early '70 { Feb through May}  they booked studio time between gigs to work on the new material.  According to both Iommi and Butler  the music came along pretty quickly, with alot of the ideas for Paranoid came shortly after the recording of the first album. Geezer said they cut demos of the rough tracks  and that's when he reworked the lyrics for  the final recording sessions.

     Now I think there are 2 possibilities for this show, that this soundboard copy come from earlier in the tour, or Ozzy was just so fucked up during the later show dates he sings the "old" lyrics cause that's all he can remember, but  the boots on the '70 tour after the album released, Ozzy sings pretty much what's on the album.

as far as "lossless" not sure what that means really { as I'm not an anal audiophile like some of these guys out on net}, the copy I got is pristine, no hiss or noise and is crystal clear, like your sitting in the front row you can hear every little thing going on stage between songs.The only "nitpick" I would have is Geezer a bit low in the mix, If there is a way to make this available to any who want here in this forum I'll gladly offer it up, over all it's a smokin show and Geezer and Ward are locked in so tight!!! Ward is on fuckin fire in a Vol 4 kinda way at one point having to stop the show for a bit cause he broke his bass drum pedal. A young Sabbath looking to blow the roof off the place  and they succeed.   

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